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Is there an advantage in pre-booking?
Yes. If you pre-book we can offer you a substantial saving compared to just turning up. Moreover we can guarantee you a space.
Is it possible to book at a short notice?
Yes. We can confirm your booking by email within a short period of time.
Can I have a VAT receipt?
Yes. The email can be used as a VAT receipt.
Are there size restrictions?
Yes. We can only offer spaces for vehicles no larger/longer than a transit van or people carrier.
Are there facilities for disabled people?
No. At the moment our vehicles are not equipped for wheelchair access.
Do I have to leave my car keys with you?
Yes, we require the keys to move the car (no more than 500 yards).
Is it cheaper to book online?
Absolutely! We offer cheaper deals online than over the phone or driving in on spec.
I’m travelling or arriving late at night, will the transfer bus be available
Yes, our transfer buses operate 24 hours.
How do I know where to go?
Full directions and how to proceed are included with your confirmation email.
I can’t print out my confirmation email, what do I do?
You can have the email sent to your mobile, all we need is your booking reference number.
My flight arrives at 1.30am. Will I be charged for an extra day?
As long as you arrive before 6am you will not be charged any extra.
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